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4 Sep 2018


Airefrig will again host the experienced team from CPS in our branches across the month of September.

Come and visit your local branches on the days below to see live product demonstrations, CPS tool testing and grab a great in-branch tool deal.

Enjoy a BBQ and see your local Airefrig team, we look forward to seeing you there.

The September Tool Days are as follows:

QLD Banyo WED 5/09/2018 8am-2pm
QLD Willawong THU 6/09/2018 8am-2pm
WA Wangara WED 12/09/2018 8am-1pm
WA O'Connor THU 13/09/2018 8am-1pm
WA Bayswater FRI 14/09/2018 8am-1pm
VIC Mulgrave WED 19/09/2018 9am-1pm
VIC Thomastown THU 20/09/2018 9am-1pm
NSW Newington TUE 25/09/2018 7am-12pm
NSW Alexandria WED 26/09/2018 7am-12pm
NSW Padstow THU 27/09/2018 7am-12pm
SA Wingfield THU 27/09/2018 8am-2pm

25 Jan 2018

Connect with Airefrig!

Airefrig Australia have launched new social media pages on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Keep up with the latest from Airefrig by following us on these platforms using the links below:


Or simply search "Airefrig Australia" through your app.

An easy way to keep up with what's happening in our branches and see the latest and best of our huge product range. Connect with us online and use #airefrig to feature.

16 Jan 2018

New Danfoss Optyma Slim Pack Condensing Units

The new Danfoss Optyma Slim Pack Condensing Unit range is now exclusively available through the Airefrig Australia branch network.

The Optyma Slim Pack are compact, lightweight condensing units with a maximum weight of 87kg, these are the lightest solution in the market. The weatherproof housing meets outdoor application requirements and are specifically designed for high ambient operations.

The range is available on R134A and R404A/R507 and rated up to 46 degree ambient. Fitted with efficient and quiet Danfoss compressors and featuring a micro channel heat exchanger. The MCHE is easy to clean, saves up to 35% refrigerant charge and provides significant energy savings.

With quick connections of suction & liquid lines and service ports outside, Optyma Slim Pack is among the fastest and easiest to install.

Standard features also include: compressor oil sight glass, service shut off valves, fan speed controller, dual pressure control, drier & sight glass, liquid receiver and pre-wired Schneider Electric isolator, contactor & terminal strip.

The Optyma Slim Pack Condensing Units represent the best value of money on the market for the reliability that Danfoss brings.

Units are now available and in stock Australia-wide. For technical information and spares you can click here.

Please contact your nearest Airefrig branch on 1800 671 500 or email with any queries.

11 Oct 2017

Aeroflex Pipe Insulation

Airefrig is the one of the largest suppliers of pipe insulation on the Australian market with a fire rating of 0003. As the standards are raised for fire safety in Australia, this fire rating offers builders and consultants peace of mind when selecting insulation for projects as it is backed by a written, independent test report. Aeroflex is readily available in stock in every Airefrig branch in large quantities.

Aeroflex insulation is made of E.P.D.M. (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) which is a high quality, lightweight elastomeric material providing long lasting pipe insulation. E.P.D.M. is:

  • moisture and vapour resistant
  • has a high UV rating and weather resistance, without the need for further coating applications
  • does not react with copper or stainless steel piping unlike other pipe insulation featuring a PVC composition

Fire Rating

Measurement RatingRange
Ignitability Index 0(0 - 20)
Spread of Flame 0(0 - 10)
Heat Evolved Index 0(0 - 10)
Smoke Developed Index 3(0 - 10)

Tested to AS1530.3 - 1999. (To be read in conjunction with the Building Code of Australia)

Aeroflex insulation is available in wall thicknesses from 9mm to 63mm to meet R Values required by BCA2011. All lengths are flexible and easy to fit, facilitating a speedier pre-assembly line or pipe can be easily split to apply to existing lines and joints sealed with Aeroflex adhesive. The Aeroflex adhesive chemically bonds the insulation and creates a strong, permanent vapour seal.

The Aeroflex pipe insulation is also available in the HT (high temperature) range. Providing a maximum service temperature of 150°C and independently certified to BCA 2011, the HT range is suitable for solar, heating and sanitary applications. Wall thicknesses all meet R Values per AS/NZ3500.4:2003.

The full Aeroflex range of accessories are also available to complement this insulation, including: adhesives, tapes, FX blocks and aerostands. To find out more about the Aeroflex product, contact your local Airefrig Australia branch on 1800 671 500.

4 Oct 2017

Airefrig helps A-Gas go to sea with Rapid Recovery

Airefrig recently assisted one of our customers to commission A-Gas in the recovery of 3 tonnes of refrigerant offshore. The Rapid Recovery service, provided by A-Gas internationally, is setting the benchmark for large scale refrigerant recovery processes.

Airefrig Australia look forward to offering this service to our customers in 2018 when A-Gas Australia launches the facility here in Australia.

2 Sep 2017


Throughout the month of September we will have members from the CPS Team at our branches across Australia.

The Tool Days will feature product demonstrations, specifically the new CPS Wireless Smart Tools Range. CPS will also complete tool testing and offer tool specials in the branches on the day.

Tool Testing includes:

  • Vacuum Pump Testing
    (most brands) and oil change if required
  • Leak Detector Testing
    (most brands)
  • Vacuum Gauge Testing
    (CPS only)

Visit the branch anytime within the hours below to meet the team and enjoy a BBQ at the branch while you're there.

The September Tool Days are as follows:

WA Wangara TUES 5/09/2017 8am-1pm
WA Bayswater WED 6/09/2017 8am-1pm
WA O'Connor THURS 7/09/2017 8am-1pm
NSW Alexandria TUES 12/09/2017 8am-2pm
NSW Padstow WED 13/09/2017 8am-2pm
NSW Newington THURS 14/09/2017 8am-2pm
SA Regency Park THURS 14/09/2017 8am-2pm
QLD Banyo TUES 19/09/2017 8am-1pm
QLD Willawong WED 20/09/2017 8am-1pm
VIC Thomastown TUES 26/09/2017 8am-1pm
VIC Mulgrave WED 27/09/2017 8am-1pm

19 Jun 2017

Airefrig Australia Stocking Bitzer/Buffalo Products Nationally

Airefrig Australia and Bitzer Australia continue to grow their long-standing business relationship, with all Airefrig branches offering large stock holdings of Bitzer and Buffalo product nationally.

You will find Buffalo Trident heat exchange and spare parts and the complete range of Bitzer oil and spares for Bitzer compressors. All Airefrig branches, in all states also hold the full range of Ecoline compressors, CO2 compressors and CSH screw compressors. Airefrig stock Bitzer 2, 4, 6 and 8-cylinder models.

This now offers a lot more choice to Bitzer customers with the ability to source their spare parts or compressors with the option for same-day collection or delivery via the national network of branches available through Airefrig. The resulting benefit for Bitzer customers is the constant availability of Bitzer and Buffalo product nationally. Airefrig Australia has been a major stockist for all Bitzer Australia product for the past 30 years and is proud to continue to offer this ex-stock to Bitzer Australia customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For further information, contact your local Airefrig branch on 1800 671 500.

8 May 2017

Airefrig Get Smart Wireless Data

Airefrig Australia are pleased to announce their support of the new CPS Smart Tool range of wireless app based tools and test equipment.

The Smart Tool range is a result of a recent global acquisition from CPS and the founder of the business Scott Madden's mandate as an ex-fridgee was to make a range of wireless tools that are Accurate, Affordable and most importantly Easy to use.

Included in the range is the TS-100 data logger, this logger is small enough to fit on your key chain however it is one of the most powerful and accurate instruments of its kind. The TS-100 measures dry bulb, wet bulb, feels like, dew point and relative humidity and is suitable for the refrigeration and airconditioning contractors.

Stephen Cross the General Manager of Airefrig commented "What appealed to us about the TS-100 data logger first was its compact design, affordable price, ease of use and high level of accuracy. However, its ability to download and export the logged data from site to your phone or tablet without having to connect to your computer was seen as a real time saver".

The TS-100 has over 500-hour battery life, adjustable logging increments, can download and export data from your phone and comes with the complementary CPS link app and is available in a compact protective carry case.

For further details about the new range of Smart Tools, contact your local Airefrig branch on 1800 671 500.

7 Apr 2017

Aire-Biz iPad Promotion 2017 Winners

The winners of The Airefrig Australia Aire-Biz iPad Promotion 2017 were drawn by way of random prize draw on Monday 03/04/17 at 11:00am WST at 75 Beechboro Road, Bayswater WA 6053.

Winners are as follows:


All winners were notified by phone on Monday 03/04/17.

22 Oct 2012

Expansion to Enthalpy TD Condensing Unit Range

The Enthalpy condensing units are distributed and are exclusive to Airefrig Australia.

The range has now been extended with another seven models being released in to our top discharge (TD) condensing units.

The new 15hp & 20hp units are additionally fitted with the OLC-k1 electronic oil level monitors with compressor oil alarms and overheat alarm indicators fitted to the electrical box.

The following new models are now available:

  • TDCS14ML4001 - Nominal 2.0hp 1 phase (Copeland hermetic compressor)
  • TDCS14ML4003 - Nominal 2.0hp 3 phase (Copeland hermetic compressor)
  • TDCS18ML4001 - Nominal 2.5hp 1 phase (Copeland hermetic compressor)
  • TDCS18ML4003 - Nominal 2.5hp 3 phase (Copeland hermetic compressor)
  • TDCS20ML4003 - Nominal 3.0hp 3 phase (Copeland hermetic compressor)
  • TD4PCS152MP573 - Nominal 15hp 3 phase (Bitzer semi compressor)
  • TD4NCS202MP573 - Nominal 20hp 3 phase (Bitzer semi compressor)

Enthalpy units are assembled by Airefrig Australia in a purpose built factory in Western Australia.

All Enthalpy units are built using the following world renowned brand names:

  • Bitzer, Copeland and Maneurop Compressors
  • EBMpapst Condenser Fan Motors
  • Saginomiya Fan Speed & Pressure Controls
  • Sporlan Liquid Line Drier & Sight Glasses

Airefrig Australia's branches are fully stocked with all components used in the Enthalpy condensing unit range.

Enthalpy TD series of condensing units have a space saving design, due to the top discharge high ambient condenser having a 45 degree angle which allows it to installed under eaves.

The condensers used in the Enthalpy condensing units have all been applied with a supercoat treatment and have had a 5000 hour salt spray test.

If you would like more information on the new models of the TD series or any of the Enthalpy condensing unit range, please contact your local Airefrig Australia branch or here.

21 Oct 2012

Aeroflex HT

High Temperature Pipe Insulation for Solar, Heating & Sanitary Applications

Aeroflex HT tube insulation is a flexible, closed cell, light weight elastomeric material designed for insulating pipes in high temperature applications such as Solar, Heating and Sanitary. With its low density and closed cell structure this product has a stable thermal conductivity during service.

Some of the features of Aeroflex HT are:

  • 150°C Maximum service temperature
  • Independently certified to BCA 2011 (requiring compliance with AS/NZ 4859.1)
  • Tested for resistance to heat, light and moisture
  • Decomposition temperature greater than 250°C
  • Wall thickness's available to meet the R values per AS/NZS3500.4:2003
  • Closed cell elestomeric insulation manufactured from EPDM without the use of ozone depleting substances
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Can be coated with Aerocoat acrylic emulsion paint, for greater protection without affecting the thermal conductivity
  • High temperature adhesive available (AA2MTFHT & AA7MTFHT)